To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Tenebrous Dungeon is a single-player retro FPS where, you alone, must infiltrate the dungeons of Tenebrous Keep to stop a rebel lord from tearing the kingdom apart.



  • 🎮 XBOX 360 & XBOX ONE Controller Support 🎮

  • Over 20 areas - spanning various dungeon, outdoor and castle environments.

  • Restart the game at any of the 6 chapters.

  • Fight over 12 different enemy types and bosses with unique fighting styles.

  • Discover secret areas hidden throughout each level to find treasure and weapons.

  • Use 20 different ranged, melee, and arcane weapons to survive the onslaught of enemies in your way.

  • Choose from 3 difficulty settings to fit your skill level or play style.

  • Arcade-style gameplay reminiscent of shooters from the early 1990's.

  • NO Microtransactions & NO Advertisements.



  • You must find weapons and edible items throughout Tenebrous Keep to stay alive.

  • Defeat enemies and salvage weapons to increase your score and level up your character.

  • Use skill-points you earn when you level up to improve your character's abilities.

  • Consume stimulants like leafs, mushrooms, and potions to gain temporary boosts.



  • Talk to prisoners, examine items and read notes to unravel the dark and mysterious story behind a rebel lord and an unnatural ally.

  • Learn about the long and tragic history of Tenebrous Keep and the Tenebrous Highlands.

  • Fight your way through different factions and bosses to stop the rebel lord, and prevent a full-scale war from enveloping the kingdom.